Duckhams Oil (UK)

Classic Oil

Duckhams Classic Q 20W-50 SJ/CE

The classic 20W-50 multi-grade engine oil, suitable for use in petrol or diesel cars, and light commercial vehicles, manufactured in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or 1980s, fitted with a full flow filter. Optimal ZDDP level protects critical components. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Passenger Engine Oil

Duckhams QS Fully Synthetic 5W40 SN/CF

Highest advanced formulation motor oil with synthetic base oil and selected additives, it provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability, excellent deposit control and fuel economy. Recommended for modern gasoline engines, meeting various engine manufacturer’s specifications (please check product data sheet).

Duckhams QXR Semi Synthetic 10W40 SN/CF

High-performance, semi-synthetic engine oil which meets the high-quality standard API SN. Produced from high quality semi synthetic base oil and special additives which give the best lubricity in all operational conditions. Designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency and minimal engine wear, particularly at cold start up.

Duckhams HyperGrade 15W50SN/CF

Specially designed mineral engine oil to give the technologically advanced engines the best possible care and protection. Engineered to increase fuel economy by reducing oil consumption, providing excellent protection against sludge and varnish deposits, with enhanced anti-wear properties.

Duckhams Q 20W50 SL/CF, JASO MA2

Multi-grade, mineral engine oil of the heavier SAE 20W50 viscosity, best suited for older type of engines, or those with a high mileage. Duckhams Q 20W50 is a high quality engine oil formulated with modern additive technology, providing enhanced engine protection and performance.

Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Duckhams Diesel Series 3 SAE 40 SF/CF

Formulated with high-quality base oil and a multifunctional additive system. A mineral diesel engine oil with balanced formulation, it reduces the consumption of engine oil. Excellent engine cleanliness and low combustion residues. Promotes maximum engine performance with superior viscosity retention. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Duckhams Q Diesel 20W50 CF4/SG

Multi-grade mineral diesel engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines. Formulated using high-quality base oils and additives, Q Diesel 20W50 provides complete protection for all new and old generation vehicles. Gives excellent protection against soot and corrosion, and reduces piston deposits and oil consumption. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Duckhams Fleetmaster 15W40 CF4/SG

Advanced multi-grade mineral diesel engine oil, formulated to exceed the most severe engine performance requirements and engine manufacturer’s specifications. Contains special low ash detergent and dispersant additives which keep the pistons, rings, oilways and crankcase free from harmful combustion deposits.  Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Duckhams DieselGard 15W40 CI4/SL

Premium quality mineral diesel engine oil. Developed for high speed, heavy duty diesel vehicles, providing excellent engine protection and cleaning power. Extended oil-drain intervals resulting in oil and fuel economy and maintenance cost saving. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Hydraulic Oil

Duckhams Zircon Z68

Mineral-base hydraulic oil conforming to the international classification ISO Type HM. Enhanced by full additive treatment to minimize oxidation, corrosion and foaming, ensuring long machinery life. Exceed the vane-pump rest requirements of Sperry Vickers and the CETOP RP47H standards, and satisfy the performances of DIN 51 524 (Part 2) ‘Hydraulic Oils Type H-LP’.

Duckhams Zircon 68 (Zinc Free)

Developed using high quality hydro-processed base oils, Duckhams Ashless (zinc free) hydraulic oils are designed to be used in mobile or stationary gear, piston or vane pump hydraulic systems, particularly suitable where environmental concerns or legislation prohibit the use of zinc containing hydraulic fluids. Meets or exceed industry standards for HM hydraulic fluids.

Gear Oil

Duckhams HYPOID-EP, GL-4, SAE90, SAE 140

High quality automotive manual transmissions gear oil. Designed to exceed the latest performance standards for heavy duty, severe service applications. Provides superior resistance to high temperature decomposition, ensuring that deposits do not form around seals and help maintain clean bearing surfaces to minimize wear.


Duckhams Admax L EP 2

Extreme Pressure lithium greases made from high quality hydrotreated base oil and performance additives to provide excellent wear, anti-corrosion, anti-rust protection and extreme pressure protection. For automotive or industrial equipment under constant load and severe shock loading conditions,  Duckhams Admax L EP 2 grease provides excellent mechanical and thermal stability.