Automotive & Industrial Lubricants

Innoco Oil has a range of automotive and industrial lubricants to meet the demands of modern engines and equipment. Formulated with advanced base oils and additives, INCO lubricants are developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the user.

INCO Diesel Engine Oil Series

Premium range of diesel Engine Oil formulated to meet the demands of the modern diesel engine.                           SAE 40, SAE 15W40 with various API grades available: CD, CF, CI, CH, etc.

INCO Hydraulic Oil AW Series

Premium range of hydraulic oil formulated with advanced additives. Grades available: 32, 46, 68.

INCO Gear Oil Series

Premium range of gear oil formulated with advanced additives. Mineral-based.                                                         Grades available: SAE 90, 140, 80W90


Premium automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Grades available: Dexron II, III.

INCO Grease EP 2

Premium lithium-based grease with Extreme Pressure additives.

INCO Cutting Oil Series

Premium water soluble cutting coolant for use in various machining requirements. Mineral-based.