Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals

INCO Piling Polymer

High performance drilling polymer for the construction industry. Swells with addition of water to form drilling mud. Non-toxic and non-hazardous.

INCO Bentonite

High quality and cost effective drilling bentonite that swells with addition of water to form drilling mud. Non-toxic and non hazardous

INCO Soda Ash

Cost effective pH adjustment for wastewater discharge and other chemical formulations.

INCO Concrete Curing Agent Series (listed in HDB Material’s list)

Concentrated product, can be diluted 1:9 parts. Prevents premature moisture loss in concrete, ensuring the strength of the concrete is reached. Easy to apply, reducing cracks and shrinkages from occurring.

INCO Form Oil Series – Solvent (C30) or Water-based (WB C25)

Form Release Oil, ensuring easy removal of the concrete from the formwork. Cost efficient without damage to concrete. Available in water and solvent-based, concentrated or ready-to-use.

INCO Anti Mosquito Oil (AMO)

An larvicidal Oil without insecticide. Economical costing and user friendly application. Combats the breeding of mosquitoes by cutting off the oxygen supply to mosquito larvae and pupae, killing them in the process.

INCO Anti Rust Oil Series

Formulated with mineral base oil, it is enhanced with rust preventative additives and lubricating agents. Prolongs life of equipment, tools and metal parts against effects of rust.

INCO Alkaline Cleaner Series

Liquid blend of alkaline emulsifiers and surfactants. High concentrate and cost effective in degreasing and stain removing.

INCO Asphalt / Bitumen

Asphalt 60/70, 80/100, C170, C320 Grade for road construction and asphalt-based products.

INCO Asphalt / Bitumen Cationic Emulsion Series

Stable emulsion of Asphalt in water. Grades K1-40, K1-60 for road construction with specific performance characteristics.

INCO Polymer Modified Asphalt / Bitumen Series

Asphalt with addition of Polymer for road construction. PG-76 and PG-82 Grades available.

INCOKote® QF-1 / QF-2 

Premium  solvent or water-based Bituminous waterproofing paint. Can be applied on metal, concrete surfaces, etc. for superior protection against weathering and corrosion effects. Cost effective and economical.