Duckhams Oil (UK)

Classic Oil

Duckhams Classic Q 20W-50 SJ/CE

The classic 20W-50 multi-grade engine oil, suitable for use in petrol or diesel cars, and light commercial vehicles, manufactured in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or 1980s, fitted with a full flow filter. Optimal ZDDP level protects critical components. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Motorcycle Engine Oil

Duckhams QT Racing 10W-50 SN/MA2 (Fully Synthetic)

Fully synthetic multi-grade engine oil, designed using cutting edge additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils to meet current specifications and provide outstanding performance for modern fourstroke motorcycle engine, including those with integral gearboxes and immersed wet clutches. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SN, JASO MA, JASO MA2.

Duckhams QT Supreme 15W-50 SN/MA2 (Semi Synthetic)

Semi-synthetic multi-grade engine oil, designed using modern additive technology and high-quality synthetic and mineral base oils. Excellent anti-wear performance, oxidation and thermal stability, extending component and engine life. Excellent Stay in grade performance. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SN, JASO MA, JASO MA2.

Duckhams QT Supreme 10W-40 SN/MA2 (Semi Synthetic)

Semi synthetic multi-grade engine oil, carefully formulated to balance the requirements of lubricating a high revving four stroke engine, whilst still maintaining the optimum friction characteristics to ensure consistent, positive, clutch response. Excellent anti wear performance, oxidation and thermal stability and Stay in grade performance. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SN, JASO MA, JASO MA2.

Duckhams QT Supreme Scooter 10W-40 SL/MB (Semi Synthetic)

Semi-synthetic multi-grade engine oil, designed for performance, using modern additive technology and highquality base oils to meet the requirements of modern four-stroke scooter engines. Not suitable for use in engines fitted with wet clutches, or combined engine, clutch and gearboxes, which require JASO MA, JASO MA1 or JASO MA2 Lubricants. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SL, JASO MB.

Duckhams QT Protect 20W-40 SG/MA2 (Mineral)

Multi-grade, mineral-based engine oil, designed using updated additive technology and mineral base oils to meet the requirements of four stroke motorcycle engine, including those with integral gearboxes and immersed wet clutches. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SG, JASO MA, JASO MA2.

Duckhams QT Protect 2 Stroke (2T) FB (Mineral)

Mineral oil-based motor oil designed using updated additive technology and high-quality base oils. Provides complete protection for crankcase compression two-stroke engines, ensuring adequate lubrication whilst maintaining engine cleanliness and optimum performance. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: JASO FB, ISO ISO-L-EGB.

Passenger Engine Oil

Duckhams QS 0W-40 SN/CF (Fully Synthetic)

Fully synthetic engine oil, formulated using cutting edge additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils. Gives excellent engine cleanliness whilst reducing sludge and deposit formation. Outstanding protection in extended oil drain applications. Provides excellent anti-wear properties, particularly during cold start-up. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B4, Ford WSS-M2C937-A, MB 229.3, MB 229.5, Porsche A40, VW 502.00/505.00.

Duckhams QS 5W-30 SN/CF C3 (Fully Synthetic)

Low viscosity fully synthetic engine oil, formulated using modern additive technology and high-quality synthetic base oils. Ideal for the modern passenger car, including those fitted with three-way catalytic converters or particulate filters. Improves engine and fuel efficiency, reduces emissions and gives excellent engine cleanliness. Easy cold start and ideal lubrication at elevated temperature. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SN/CF, ACEA C3, GM Dexos 2, MB229.51, RN0700, RN07100.

Duckhams QS 5W-40 SN/CF (Fully Synthetic)

Highest advanced formulation motor oil with synthetic base oil and selected additives, it provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability, excellent deposit control and fuel economy. Recommended for modern gasoline engines. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: ACEA A3/B4, API SN/CF, BMW LongLife-01, MB 229.5, Renault Nissan RN0700, Renault Nissan RN0710, VW 502.00/505.00

Duckhams QS 0W-20 SN (Fully Synthetic)

Very low viscosity oil, formulated with cutting edge additive technology and high-quality virgin base oils. Improves engine efficiency, reduces emissions with high-temperature engine protection. Provides improved engine power and fuel economy benefits. Excellent anti-wear properties and minimum engine wear particularly during cold start-up. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API SN, ILSAC GF-5, GM dexos 1.

Duckhams QXR 10W-40 SN/CF (Semi Synthetic)

High-performance, semi-synthetic engine oil which meets the high-quality standard API SN. Produced from high quality semi synthetic base oil and special additives which give the best lubricity in all operational conditions. Designed to provide excellent fuel efficiency and minimal engine wear, particularly at cold start up.

Duckhams HyperGrade 15W-50 SN/CF (Mineral)

Specially designed mineral engine oil to give the technologically advanced engines the best possible care and protection. Engineered to increase fuel economy by reducing oil consumption, providing excellent protection against sludge and varnish deposits, with enhanced anti-wear properties.

Duckhams Q 20W-50 SL/CF, JASO MA2 (Mineral)

Multi-grade, mineral engine oil of the heavier SAE 20W50 viscosity, best suited for older type of engines, or those with a high mileage. Duckhams Q 20W50 is a high quality engine oil formulated with modern additive technology, providing enhanced engine protection and performance. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Duckhams Diesel Gard 10W-40 CK4/SN, E7/E9 (Semi Synthetic)

Mid SAPS stay-in-grade High-Performance Diesel Engine Oil designed for normally aspirated, turbocharged or highly rated diesel engines meeting Euro VI emissions standards. Suitable for use in engines fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR/AdBlue) NOx reduction systems, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) and in vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs). Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API CK-4/SN, ACEA E7/E9, Cummins CES 20086, Detroit Diesel 93K222, Volvo VDS-4.5. Can be used where the following specifications are required: Deutz DQC-III-18 LA, MAN M3775, MB 228.31, MTU Type 2.1.

Duckhams DieselGard 15W-40 CJ4/SM, E9 (Mineral)

Premium top tier multi-grade diesel engine oils for heavy-duty diesel engines. Low ash formulation designed to work with low emission engines, including those fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Particulate Filters (PFs) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems.

Duckhams DieselGard 15W-40 CI4/SL, E7-08 (Mineral)

Premium quality mineral diesel engine oil. Developed for high speed, heavy duty diesel vehicles, providing excellent engine protection and cleaning power. Extended oil-drain intervals resulting in oil and fuel economy and maintenance cost saving. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: API CI-4, CH-4/SL, SJ, ACEA E7-08, Mack EO-N, MB 228.3, MTU Type 2, MAN M3275-1, Renault RLD-2, Volvo VDS-3, Cummins CES 20076/77/78, Global DHD-1, JASO DH-1, Caterpillar ECF-1a.

Duckhams Fleetmaster 15W-40 CF4/SG (Mineral)

Advanced multi-grade mineral diesel engine oil, formulated to exceed the most severe engine performance requirements and engine manufacturer’s specifications. Contains special low ash detergent and dispersant additives which keep the pistons, rings, oilways and crankcase free from harmful combustion deposits.

Duckhams Q Diesel 20W-50 CF4/SG (Mineral)

Multi-grade mineral diesel engine oil for heavy-duty diesel engines. Formulated using high-quality base oils and additives, Q Diesel 20W50 provides complete protection for all new and old generation vehicles. Gives excellent protection against soot and corrosion, and reduces piston deposits and oil consumption. Distinctive “Duckhams Green” engine oil.

Duckhams Diesel Series 3 SAE 40 CF/SF (Mineral)

Formulated with high-quality base oil and a multifunctional additive system. A mineral diesel engine oil with balanced formulation, it reduces the consumption of engine oil. Excellent engine cleanliness and low combustion residues. Promotes maximum engine performance with superior viscosity retention.

Hydraulic Oil

Duckhams Zircon Z68, Z46, Z32

Mineral-base hydraulic oil conforming to the international classification ISO Type HM. Enhanced by full additive treatment to minimize oxidation, corrosion and foaming, ensuring long machinery life. Meets the following specifications: ASTM D6158 Type HM, AFNOR NFE 48-603 HM, DIN 51 524 Parts 2 (HLP) and 3 (HVLP), Fives (Formerly Cincinnati Machine) P-68 (ISO 32), P-69 (ISO 68), P-70 (ISO 46), GM LS2, ISO 11158 Categories HM, Parker (Formerly Denison) HF-0, HF-1 and HF-2.

Duckhams Zircon 68 (Zinc Free)

Developed using high quality hydro-processed base oils, Duckhams Ashless (zinc free) hydraulic oils are designed to be used in mobile or stationary gear, piston or vane pump hydraulic systems, particularly suitable where environmental concerns or legislation prohibit the use of zinc containing hydraulic fluids. Meets or exceed industry standards for HM hydraulic fluids.

Gear Oil

Duckhams D-Matic ATF VI LV

High-performance low viscosity multivehicle synthetic automatic transmission fluid for use in wide range of passenger cars, light trucks and SUV automatic gearboxes, requiring automatic transmission fluids. Suitable for use in automatic transmissions, or power steering units, requiring a fluid meeting: General Motors Dexron® VI, Ford Mercon® SP or Ford Mercon® LV performance levels.

Duckhams D-Matic ATF Dexron III H

Automatic transmission fluid for gearboxes where General Motors Dexron-III H, Ford Mercon or Allison C4 fluid has been specified.  It is suitable for use with new technology transmission components and provides improved fluid stability and reliability, without loss of performance or shift-feel, over extended drain periods.

Duckhams Hypoid S 80W-90 / 85W-140 GL-5

High-performance mineral gear oil designed for a wide variety of moderately to severely loaded transmission systems found in modern vehicles, where extreme pressure protection is required. Carefully selected using the latest additives and modern base oil technology, this product is designed to provide transmission systems which operate in conditions of high speed – shock loading, high speed – low torque, or low speed – high torque; excellent extreme pressure protection.

Duckhams Hypoid-EP  SAE90 /  SAE 140 GL-4

High quality automotive manual transmissions gear oil. Designed to exceed the latest performance standards for heavy duty, severe service applications. Provides superior resistance to high temperature decomposition, ensuring that deposits do not form around seals and help maintain clean bearing surfaces to minimize wear.

Brake & Clutch Fluid

Duckhams Brake & Clutch Fluid DOT 4

Premium quality brake and clutch fluid suitable for use in all hydraulic brake and clutch systems requiring a nonpetroleum based fluid meeting DOT 4 specifications. It is designed to withstand high-temperature conditions and to provide maximum safety. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: FWVSS 116 DOT 4, ISO 4925 Class 4, SAE J1704.

Duckhams Brake & Clutch Fluid DOT 3

High quality synthetic fluid suitable for use in all brake and clutch systems. It is designed to withstand high temperature conditions and provide maximum safety. It meets the stringent requirements of the following specifications: FMVSS 116 DOT3, SAE J1703, ISO 4925.

Radiator Coolant

Duckhams Radiator Coolant 100% Concentrate

An ethylene glycol-based coolant concentrate with selected Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT), designed to blend engine coolants with high effectiveness in controlling the temperature in liquid-cooled internal combustion engines. It is nitrite, amine and phosphate-free, suitable for use in engines in passenger cars and light trucks used in a variety of industries, including off-road, and heavy-duty applications such as construction, farming and mining. Recommend a dilution of 50% Concentrate in 50% water, which will protect engines to at least -37 °C. Meets the following specifications: ASTM D3306 (I), BSI 6580.

Industrial Gear Oils

Duckhams Galrex EP Gear Oil 220 / 320 / 460

Extreme pressure heavy duty industrial gear oils blended from virgin mineral base oils and additives which includes extreme pressure, antiwear, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Excellent load-carrying capability, thermal and oxidative stability and water-shedding properties enable trouble-free operation in severe conditions. Can be used in a wide range of industrial gear types, including spur, helical, bevel and steel-on-steel worm gears, or journal and roller contact industrial bearings operating at low speeds and high loads. Meets or exceeds the required performance level for: AGMA 9005- F16, DIN 51517 part 3, ISO 12925 -1 CKC/CKD, DAVID BROWN S1.53.101 type M, A & E, U.S. Steel 224.


Duckhams Admax L EP 2

Extreme Pressure lithium greases made from high quality hydrotreated base oil and performance additives to provide excellent wear, anti-corrosion, anti-rust protection and extreme pressure protection. For automotive or industrial equipment under constant load and severe shock loading conditions,  Duckhams Admax L EP 2 grease provides excellent mechanical and thermal stability. Meets ASTM D4950 – LA-GA specifications.

Duckhams Admax L 3

Lithium soap based, multi-purpose greases, made from high quality hydro-treated base oils and performance additives. Mainly for plain or rolling element applications operating under low load, or where shock loading is not expected, such as wheel bearings, chassis points, universal joints and industrial equipment applications; providing good structural stability, resistance to water washout and effective from wear and corrosion. Meets ASTM D4950 – LA-GA specifications.