About Our Company

About Our CompanyJanuary 26, 2016

Innoco Oil Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore, year 1993, with a vision and commitment in providing quality products and services. Innoco Oil started with the distribution of fuels and automotive and industrial lubricants. Today, Innoco Oil has developed into three main areas of business, consisting of Distribution, Manufacturing and Logistic Services.

Distribution: We supply fuel products like Diesel(10ppm), MGO(500ppm), Kerosene, Petrol RON 95 / 98, and Shell IDF (500ppm) to Singapore users. Our suppliers for fuel include Shell, ExxonMobil and Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC). We also distribute Duckhams Oil (UK) and Wacker Chemie AG silicone products from Germany.

Manufacturing: With many years of experience in specialty chemicals, we have grown into a well-known name in the Construction, Automotive and Textile sectors. Our products are being used in many countries such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our key INCO products: AdBlue® / AUS 32 / DEF, AUS 40 (Marine Grade Urea Solution), Automotive Engine Coolants, Automotive Specialty Degreasers and Cleaners, Anti Mosquito Oil (AMO), Concrete Form Oil, Antifoam, Knitting Oils, Textile Chemicals, Automotive and Industrial Lubricants.

Logistic Services: Our premises comprises of a total factory area of 66,000 square feet and we provide logistic services like Toll Manufacturing, Storage of Cargo, Container Stuffing / Unstuffing, Repacking, Re-labeling and Transportation services.

Innoco Oil is committed to be being environmentally-friendly and is an ISO 9001:2008, Bizsafe 3 and VDA-certified AdBlue® company, the 1st in Singapore and South East Asia. We are guided by a balanced approach to meet the needs of industry and the environment while delivering quality products and services you can trust.