About Us

About INNOCO Oil Pte Ltd


Innoco Oil Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore, year 1993.

With a vision and commitment in providing quality products, Innoco Group has developed into three main divisions, consisting of Distribution, Manufacturing and Logistic Services.

Innoco Oil manufacturing is a technology-centred division with a wide range of specialty chemicals. Our company develops high tech chemicals and offers a comprehensive range of chemical products in Construction, Oil and Gas and Textile sectors.

Innoco Oil secured AMO (Anti Mosquito Oil) blending arrangement with British Petroleum and we are one of the main suppliers of AMO in Singapore. Our AMO is also sold to customers in Hong Kong and China. Our product, Incocure SRT (Concrete Curing Agent) is also listed on the HDB material list.

Occupying a premise of 66,000 square feet, we are located in the prime chemical industrial zone in Jurong, Singapore. With our fleet of road tankers and delivery trucks, we are able to provide integrated logistic services to our customers in storage, container stuffing / unstuffing, repacking and transportation services.

In 2004, Innoco Oil established a joint-venture company, Inno Chemicals Limited, with Standard Group Bangladesh, to market INCO® and InNOBEL® textile chemicals in Bangladesh. Innoco Oil has also obtained GOTS Certification for our textile products. For more information on our textile chemicals, please visit www.innobelsc.com.

Supported by strong Research and Development activities, INCO® and InNOBEL® products are becoming a recognized and well respected name in the region. Our products are currently marketed and used in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Innoco Oil is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for the Quality Management System since year 2000. With our many years of experience, we aim to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction, on time delivery and consistent quality products and services. Innoco Oil is also a Bizsafe 3 certified company.

We are committed to providing quality products and services you can trust.