Fuels & Lube Distribution

Since 1993, Innoco Oil Pte Ltd has been one of the leading Fuel companies with expertise serving the Industries in Singapore. We are the distributors of Shell, ExxonMobil, SPC Petroleum Fuels. We specialize in providing quality Fuel products and services to meet our clients’ needs. We own a fleet of road bulk tankers and delivery trucks, and are committed to meeting the Fuel requirements of our clients. We can supply the Fuels in bulk, loose, drums, etc. With over 300 customers from the Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Aerospace Industries, we have the experience and expertise to fulfill your requirements.

    • Diesel (10ppm)
      High Quality low sulphur gas oil, suitable for use in many automotive and industrial applications.
    • Additised Diesel (10ppm)
      Premium Grade low sulphur gas oil, suitable for use in Euro 4/5/6 automotive applications.
    • Marine Gasoil (500ppm Sulphur)

      Premium Grade marine gas oil, suitable for use in marine applications.

    • Kerosine
      It is a low sulphur distillate fuel, used as a heating fuel in furnaces and boilers. It can also serve other industrial purposes in formulations or general de-greasing.
    • Shell Industrial Distillate Fuel (IDF – 500ppm Sulphur)
      A fuel developed for combustion processes – boilers and furnaces and marine applications.
    • Petrol RON 95/98
      For use in petrol-driven engines.
  • Lubricants
    Automotive and Industrial Lubricants:

    • Engine Oils SAE 40, SAE 15W40 with various API ratings,
    • Hydraulic Oils 32/46/68,
    • Automotive Gear Oils 90/140, GL-4/5,
    • Grease 1/2/3,
    • Soluble Cutting Oils,
    • EDM Oils,
    • Industrial Gear Oils 150, 220, 320,
    • and other specialty lubricants.